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Chaka Khan - Millennium Park 60/40 Anniversary Concert (Chicago, IL July 28, 2013 - Jay Pritzker Pavilion)

Commemorating her sixtieth birthday (March 23rd) and the fortieth anniversary of her music career (Rufus - July 1973), Chaka performed for over two hours at a FREE concert for her hometownGrowing up listening to Chaka on the radio and buying/collecting her music on all formats as I aged made this experience even more significant. I’m still coming down from the clouds after seeing her live.

Full set-list (not in order of performance)I Feel For You, Tell Me Something Good, Everlasting Love, Stay, My Funny Valentine, Ain’t Nobody, I’m Every Woman, What Cha Gonna Do For Me, Papillon (AKA Hot Butterfly), I’m A Woman (I’m A Backbone), Through The Fire and Sweet Thing.

Aside from how stunning she looks at sixty years-old, the quality of Chaka’s voice after forty years of performing is purely impeccable. Calculating every live performance over a span of four decades would require research inaccessible to me but I’d gather the total sums nearly a thousand, if not over. In knowing that, I can’t help but appreciate Chaka Khan to an extent beyond what I already had. The condition of her voice is every-bit-as powerful as during her debut forty years ago, the range is still intact, her timing hasn’t skipped a beat, her ability to caress a ballad yet still engage a crowd with an uptempo dance/funk track is still there, the charm, sass and charisma in every aspect of her delivery is still there. Forget being every woman, Chaka is EVERYTHING.

Updates, photos, album/tour information here: http://www.chakakhan.com/


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